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On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, the European heart restart day, “Spring Children” was presented in Thessaloniki at the ceremony hall of AUTH to participate in the Kids save lives event. 50 active instructors learn to 500 students the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation technique and learn that with only a tool their hands can make a decisive contribution ...

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“Spring Children” once again was at the heart of the events

From 21 to 24/10/2017 they were found in Ancient Olympia and along with student missions of the County and other countries took part in the ceremony of the Olympic flame. They participated in the planned activities and at all festive events. They danced and showed their abilities in Pyrrhicus, spreading emotion to the attendees and ...

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On Sunday 8/10/2017 “Spring Children” attended the Higgs NGO FAIR celebration “for its two years of operation. Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) from all over Greece, presented their work, they met and gave an appointment for future collaborations. The organizers of the Higgs were treated to the best, as their hospitality was impeccable. The beneficiaries met the ...

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Spring Children

Mixed Living Center – Daily Care Activity & Training for Disabled People

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The Diary 2018 of the Center “Spring Children”


This year the Visual Art Lab of the Center and its its team, created 12 bicycles in time The original works of the Children are exhibited at the event venue. As long as times become so difficult, the need for the hearts to get close and to knit our hands and smiles grows. The deep ...

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Alexandreia, City Hall

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Sea sport Action for people with DOWN syndrome «I participate equally»

On Saturday 11/11/2017 “Spring Children”, we visited the river Loudia as part of the sea sporting event for people with DOWN syndrome “I Participate Equally” organized by the Region of Central Macedonia and the Social Cohesion Sector. The action was carried out in cooperation with the Municipality of Pella and with the support of the ...

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Environmental Education programs developed in the context of Special Education are quantitatively limited and the training of those involved in Special Education for the implementation of Environmental Programs incomplete. However, Environmental Education and Special Needs Education can be linked, as both sectors seek to cultivate respect for diversity and promote trainees’ participation. Based on modern ...

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Meeting with subject: Sexuality in disability. I want to know…

On Wednesday 25/10/2017 at 5:30 pm in the hall of the Alexandria Town Hall, the Children’s Children of Spring and the Charitable Non-Profit Association of Parents and Guardians of People with Disabilities in Imathia organized a conference on Sexuality in Disability. I want to know. The responce to our call was great and Alexandria’s Town ...

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Out Here: A documentary about the Initiative Against Crisis with a duration of 50:57.

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